File Tree Express is an easy-to-use software application for viewing and editing data fields stored on Smart Cards. It is an intuitive tool designed for customers like mobile phone manufacturers, network operators, test and system houses and development departments who need to access data on their Smart Cards. The new File Tree Express is available in two versions: File Tree Express Basic and File Tree Express Professional.

COMPRION - File Tree Express
File Tree Express Basic provides functions such as Scan, Edit, Copy/Paste, Find and Save files and file trees. The tool is intended for customers who want to change the contents of a data field or want to create their own file trees in an easy and efficient way.
File Tree Express Professional combines the functionality of the Basic version with special features such as File Tree Compare, EF Translator, Command Sequencer, APDU Viewer, Create and Resize Files, Excel Export and Import, as well as UXP/SIMpml Card Body Export and Import. Customers who work with different cards will appreciate the comparison feature which looks at different file trees and highlights their differences. The translator function provides translation of the EF data. The tool also allows own scripts to be created and sent to the card. Another highlight is the support of Excel/UXP Export and Import and a create file wizard which helps the customer to create new data fields on the card.
The tools support both 2G and 3G technologies along with SIM, R-UIM, USIM, CSIM and ISIM applications. File Tree Express Basic and File Tree Express Professional were designed to ease the everyday use of Smart Cards and their contents.
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