IDEX ASA is proud to announce that the company was awarded a winner’s prize for its patented SmartFinger Film fingerprint sensor technology at the prestigous 2010 SESAMES Awards ceremony on 6 December 2010 at the Cartes & IDentification 2010 exhibition in Paris, France.

IDEX was named SESAMES winner in the Identification and ID Card category. There were more than 100 nominees in ten categories.

Awarded by a panel of more than thirty leading experts and journalists, the SESAMES award is a testimonial to the innovative expertise of IDEX, who has more than 15 years experience in developing fingerprint sensor solutions.

The award recognizes the achievements of IDEX in bringing the SmartFinger Film fingerprint sensor technology to market and its contribution to the future security of ID, payment and other biometric enabled cards. SmartFinger Film technology allows for a complete on-card fingerprint system. Ralph W. Bernstein, CEO of IDEX, commented, "We are proud that our SmartFinger Film fingerprint sensor technology has been recognized by the SESAMES jury members as a leading solution for biometric system-on-card. This award demonstrates how SmartFinger fingerprint technology will address the needs for increased security of personal identification in governmental ID, financial transactions, commerce and access control."

The eGo project, in which IDEX is a partner, was awarded a winner’s prize in the IT Security category. IDEX’ bendable and ultra-thin fingerprint sensor technology is well suited for wearable eGo devices. The project was presented by Gemalto and is conducted by a Europe-wide group of companies and academics working within a Catrene framework.

IDEX will be demonstrating the award winning SmartFinger Film technology at its Cartes exhibition stand. Visitors will see SmartFinger Film integrated into a biometric one time password card. By replacing passwords and PIN codes with fingerprint authentication, restricted access can be provided in a secure and user-friendly manner. Authorized users obtain secure access simply by swiping a finger across the SmartFinger Film sensor.

IDEX will also be showing the SmartFinger Secure Processor (SSP), a complete embedded authentication software solution to be preinstalled on a microcontroller. The SSP interfaces the fingerprint sensor on one side and the system controller on the other. It does all the processing required to acquire fingerprint images, building and storing a small database of enrolled fingerprints, and match images against the database. This complete embedded biometric authentication solution provides a faster time to market for systems integrating biometric security based on SmartFinger sensors.
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