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Ask and you shall receive! This is exceptionally true if you are seeking for solutions especially in the payment and mobile industry. Jack Pan is nothing less than the perfect source to score the latest information that you will ever need. What more can you ask for from a pro who is spearheading Watchdata to such great heights? Read on...

Cover Personality: Dr. Jack PanDesignation: VP of International Business & GM for APAC and AMEACompany: Watchdata

The SMART Sense: As a seasoned expert in the payment industry, what is the definitive description of your role at Watchdata?
Dr. Pan: I am holding the role as Vice President of International Business and General Manager for APAC (Asia Pacific) and AMEA (Americas. Middle East, Europe and Africa) in Watchdata. In the former capacity, I am helping with advising and guiding our international transportation and payment businesses. As for the latter, I am overseeing and responsible for the sales activities and performance of the two business regions outside of China and India.

The SMART Sense: Of the many market areas where Watchdata’s presence is dominant in, which are the 3 key market areas that are Watchdata’s bread and butter?
Dr. Pan: It goes without saying that the most important market is our home base in China, followed by India which has become our biggest market outside of China.  Our international headquarters in Singapore would be our third most important market where we maintain a strong business relationship with the government and our customers in the transport, banking and telecom sectors.

The SMART Sense: EMV adoption by the U.S. has been speculated by many that it will happen sooner or later. Based on your extensive experience in the region, what are your thoughts on this?  What are the EMV services offered by Watchdata?
Dr. Pan: With the strong push by the leading payment schemes in Visa, MasterCard and Discover through their respective regulations, it has become clear that the migration to EMV chip is a certainty for the U.S. payment market finally. It is encouraging to see that Smart Card Alliance (SCA), the leading payment industry consortium, is taking a lead to establish an “EMV Migration Forum” which will further help with progressing the migration in a more coherent and coordinated fashion. Watchdata is ready to offer a variety of EMV payment solutions for all the leading brands and is working actively with local partners to plan for the specific action plans. 
Watchdata - EMV Chip

The SMART Sense: Mobile payments are gaining tremendous traction as we speak. What is Watchdata’s view on this exciting phenomenon?
Dr. Pan: Mobile / NFC payments have always been a very strategic focus within Watchdata since the start of this new payment paradigm. Our strength in RF technology and innovation have served us well, having launched more than five million of our flagship NFC SIM assessory solution known as SIMpass. With SIMpass, we can turn any mobile phones into an NFC phone without resorting to the special NFC-SWP configuration on the SIM and on the handset. The latest rendition of SIMpass, called SIMpass-SC,incorporating the antenna inside a Single (U)SIM Card (and hence ‘SC’) also won the prestigious Cartes Asia Sesame Award in Hong Kong in March, 2012. We believe transportation can be a very strategic “killer app” in making mobile payments successful and a close collaboration amongst the stakeholders of the ecosystem is of vital importance, though it will take time to achieve.

Watchdata - SIMpass

Watchdata - SIMpass-SC
 The SMART Sense: What about the transportation industry? How much involvement does Watchdata have in this lucrative market?
Dr. Pan: The transportation sector has been very critical to our business. Our leading transportation role in China and in Singapore provided ample lessons for us to appreciate the sophistication of the technologies involved. We have since expanded our foray into Europe on Calypso and the other leading transportation markets in Asia Pacific. As mentioned, we are a firm believer that mobile payments will benefit tremendously of a solid transportation as a key business driver to enable wider adoption in the market place.

The SMART Sense: With customers in over 50 countries, which country / region is Watchdata currently focusing on? Share with us the progress or plans involved.
Dr. Pan: We will keep our “home court” focus in Asia Pacific, led by China, India and Singapore and will expand that coverage to leading markets in East and Southeast Asia as well. We will exert renewed emphasis on certain key markets in the AMEA region (i.e., Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa). This is a region where it contains more established markets like North America and Europe as well as the emerging markets in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. We will need to exercise the best judgment to develop a “balancing act” between the two contrasting markets in terms of attention to product readiness and local business needs.

The SMART Sense: Give us a sneak peek into what we can see at Watchdata’s booth this year at CARTES & Identification 2012.
Dr. Pan:
Mobile Payment
We’re constantly inventing new technologies. After the success of our award-winning SIMpass-SC, this year we’ll showcase our newest antenna-imbedded NFC solution, based on the even smaller SD card.

Mobile Financial services
With these solutions, your customers can quickly transfer funds, pay bills, check balances, and even receive instant financial loans – all safely secured, and all from their mobile phones. Got payment? Get Watchdata!

Mobile Transportation
Build greater loyalty by delivering more convenience. Our latest innovation provides roaming contactless transport payment, both for your system and transport systems in other countries and regions. See how it works in our demonstration area.

Mobile SIManagement
Watchdata provides a new way for MNOs to lower their costs and open new sales channels with an easy SIM card issuance and personalization solution that works on any mobile device.

Mobile Banking
Secure e-banking is no longer limited to your PC. With Watchdata’s innovative solutions, customers can now use mobile phones, iPads and other mobile devices to access secure banking functions anytime, anywhere. 

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